Die Bronzestatue „Fearless girl“ wurde 2017 in Nee York aus Anlass des internationalen Frauentags auf der Wallstreet aufgestellt, wo sie dem berühmten Bullen Stirn bot. Kopien der Statue findet man in einigen anderen Städten, zB in Oslo, wo sie vor dem Grand Hotel steht (oder stand).
Der Hotelbesitzer hat das „furchtlose Mädchen“ jetzt gegenüber der iranischen Botschaft aufstellen lassen, und sie hält jetzt einen Hijab in ihrer Hand.

Foto: Javad Parsa/NTB/Ritzau Scanpix

@tante im FutureHistories Podcast sinngemäß: Die Zukunftsvision ist, dass es kein Geld mehr gibt, sondern nur noch Bitcoin. Die, die schon Bitcoin haben, werden die herrschende Klasse, weil sie dieses knappe Asset haben. Die anderen müssen sich #Bitcoin leihen und unterordnen. Das wird als positive Utopie gesehen, weil der Staat Geld nicht mehr umverteilen kann. Mir ist unklar, wie man das nicht als rechte, gar faschistische Denke wahrnehmen kann.

futurehistories.today/episoden #faschismus

(I can't for the life of me figure out how to add alt text after posting. So instead, I'll put the text in the body of the post. I hope that's okay.)

"When people travel to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small. Few people think that they can radically change the future by doing something small in the present."

if you've ever messed up a dimension or a hole position on something you're building, don't be too hard on yourself.

at least you're not the Cisco design engineer who caused an entire product line recall by placing the mode button (which resets the switch if held) directly above an RJ45 port.

Literally every one of us who runs our own SMTP servers 5 minutes into looking at ActivityPub: "This looks like email. Don't you think this looks like email? We're going to have email problems on this thing that looks very much like email."

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Kennt sich jemand mit den Anforderungen für Elektrische Anschlüsse bei Serverschränken aus? Einzelnen Schrank mit max 3kW Belastung. #boost wäre nice

Did you know there's a #fediverse server that forbids the use of the letter 'e'?

Well, now you know!

It's really fascinating, and kinda disorienting, or at least something a bit eery, about reading their public timeline for too long…


Them: Faving posts on Mastodon is useless, only the OP sees it.

Me, when a post gets faved: awwww, little internet hug ✨

Kaffeemaschine: "Ich bestelle automatisch Kaffee nach!"

Autoschlüssel: "Per WLAN lade ich die neueste Fahrzeug-Software."

Luftreiniger: "Ich messe 954 Schadstoffe und entferne sie automatisch."

Drucker: "Ich hab Papier verschluckt und du kannst nicht schwarz drucken weil gelb leer ist!" *rülps*

GDPR still applies. If you’re running a decent sized instance, you probably are subject to GDPR, given that either the instance is in the EU or collecting the personal data of EU residents & it’s not just for “purely personal or household activity.” So Art 2c prob does not apply.

Them: "Mastodon is hard to use."
Me: _gets started easily_

Them: "The #fediverse is fragmented - hard to find anyone."
Me: _easily finds many folks here I know or enjoy_

Them: "It's just white male tech nerds"
Me: _discovers fairly robust presence of non-white, non-male folks_

Them: "It's set up so it's antiviral"
Me: _sees more interest in my thoughts here than ever on the birdsite_

Them: "Local servers are like isolated islands."
Me: _finds a canoe to explore archipelago_

To all mastodon admins:

Hi! I’m Evan Phoenix, the primary author of puma, the ruby webserver that powers mastodon!

Please reply or DM me if you need tuning help! I’ve got no officiation with the mastodon, just want to see you succeed!

(Quick Tip: set WEB_CONCURRENCY to core count * 1.5 and then tune MAX_THREADS. High thread values will see diminishing returns!)

@Patricia I thought you were migrating to your own instance 😅


Australian exchange pauses project to move stocks to blockchain
Distributed ledger design slowed transactions, smart contracts were not so smart

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