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An older family member who is not on social media heard a bit about the birdsite fiasco from cable news. She asked if I knew about a #Mastodon & whether it was something from #Twitter.

In <10 minutes, I explained what’s happening & the meaning of a decentralized network. She not only understood, but even asked some thoughtful questions.

If this sweet person - who still uses a VCR - gets it, I reject the notion that the #fediverse is too complicated for regular folks.

Strange to see Russel struggling to overtake the Red Bull even with DRS. At the same time interesting how Verstappen‘s speed deteriorated after this little piece blew off his front wing.

Decided to look at network stats again. There are 1M more people using #Mastodon today than there were on October 27.

die Bekämpfung des Klimawandels wird genauso wie die Bekämpfung der Pandemie damit enden, dass man stillschweigend beschließt, dass Menschenleben doch nicht so wichtig sind

In the 1980s the Nepal government gave forests to local communities to manage.

Since then tree cover has doubled, reducing floods and landslides and allowing endangered plant and animal species, including the tiger, to thrive.

Story by the NYT:

Why are people from Norway so good at editing files in Linux?

Their ancestors are vi-kings.

Oh man... just found that the "MASTO 95" theme is the correct way to use this site.

Deine Wohnung ist nicht zu klein. Du hast nur falsche Namen für die Räume. Sag nicht »Wohnzimmer«, sag »Preußischer Salon«. Sag nicht »Flur«, sag »Nelson-Mandela-Korridor«. Sag nicht »Schlafzimmer«, sag »Spiegelsaal«. Sag nicht »Bad«, sag »Viktorianische Therme«. Sag nicht »Klo«, sag »Halle der Freiheit«.

Außerdem wird geklagt, daß die bösen Wind- und Solarbauer den Telekoms die Bagger weg kaufen.

Je nun. Zwanzig Jahre Netzausbau vertrödeln, beide Branchen, und jetzt ist alles schlimm. Hätte keiner ahnen können außer denen die Euch alle seit 20 Jahren mahnen.

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Tesla Blue, a new service available for a small monthly fee, gives your vehicle automatic right-of-way over Teslas that aren't part of the program.

Tip on Mastodon "verification": There's no such thing as a universally "verified" user here, that being the nature of federated namespaces with different policies.

However, if you have control over a website that's strongly associated with you, you can put a specially-formed link on it to your profile here and it will show up with a checkmark next to it in your profile.

The checkmark is trustworthy only to the extent you trust the user's instance to correctly verify that the link is there.

Reminder (or maybe eye-opener) to Mastodon users:

Direct Messages on Mastodon are NOT encrypted.

What does this mean: The message is in the database un-encrypted. Anyone with access to the database could potentially read the messages.

For, only the admins have database access (@jeroen, @spaceriker and myself).

If you have really sensitive info, don't share it on Mastodon. There are secure messaging apps for that.

So it seems that #ftx was just a step away from printing stables to cover their debt.

It's amazing to watch how these ponzi schemes go up in flames in just a couple of days and a good reminder of what the world has come to with this #crypto bubble!

#bitcoin #btc #cryptocurrency

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